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Methods for increasing your sales. We adapt your operation and turn your business strategy into a powerful business model with a set of systems and subsystems that generate a constant and predictable flow of qualified prospects and sales.
Ambitious sales goals. We have an extraordinary collection of conceptual tools and strategic options that automatically transform your business into an authentic moneymaking machine by developing a business ecosystem that ensures the right persuasive networking activities for the relevant market segment(s).

We bet to win. The first step is to identify the weak areas of your business concept or model and its marketing components. Once detected, we explore their potential. Possibilities go hand in hand with the perspective of those interested. Nothing happens or is significant if it does not relate to your expectations. You call the shots and set the limits; we are the catalyst. We bet to win and we like to do it big, but there are no empty bets. 

A considerable increase in sales and profit. We identify and maximize the invisible assets of your operation. We renew concepts and create new and diverse avenues for selling. We optimize what really works for your business and adapt ideas that have already been proven in different parts of the world.

We not only create plans to merely increase sales, but we also develop systems and subsystems so that the effect can be replicated and unlimited. We do not appeal to rhetoric or to brute-force strategies. Our job is an intricate weave of conceptual avenues, but also hard work. We do not blindly believe in brilliant ideas, but when they become evident, we do not turn them down. We see all kinds of businesses, but we are very selective.
The success of a business is not a mere coincidence. A successful business is always the result of enterprising, visionary people who appreciate and capitalize on talent. They spare no effort and therefore make progress. They play win/win. They know that the real challenge lies in creating a high-caliber business model that leaves its competitors behind.

Sales and profit are our compass. We do not collaborate, however, in order to prove our talent; that is not necessary. The only vote that counts is the market vote in which we implement the processes to increase profits and sales. There is usually huge waste in business; therefore, we are also bound to generate big savings along the way. Companies usually bet too much on advertising campaigns that yield poor results and in sales methods that are self-limiting and virtually obsolete, just to follow in the industry's footsteps. Let's learn to assess waste.

Profit is what matters. It is not just about increasing your sales; we also reduce or eliminate unnecessary costs in sales, operations, and communication activities and we often even enter into the field of taxes. Our entrepreneurial experience and perspective frequently allow us to develop unorthodox legal strategies to cut the payment of taxes: facets that the vast majority of accounting firms are unable to see. Visit www.OpcionesFiscales.com.

We know that our contribution is vital, but we are flexible. Some companies pay for our services with fixed fees while other companies prefer to tie up a considerable part of the compensation to results, and some others even offer us shareholding. We are versatile. If the owners, shareholders, or executives have the right outlook, we are in fact too accessible.

A company is worth its capacity to generate a good profit. When we work with a company, the only possible outcome is a considerable increase in its reported profits and the company value.
A company with systems for generating predictable income and profit skyrockets its market value, its wealth. If the company were sold, its value would have to be 10, 15, or 20 times its production capacity for an annual cycle.

Creativity and experience to increase sales
Our business capacity is essential, but if we are looking to climb to new heights, we must have the capacity for great personal intelligence. All relevant knowledge becomes crucial. We use inter- and trans-discipline. There are no boundaries; objectivity comes along with subjectivity, and theory with pragmatism: astuteness, sharpness, and sensitivity towards the local environment, and the international environment. A vision of numbers with ethics as its axis.

We work wonders with persuasive communication for selling, but…
We are not a marketing or advertising agency. We are far more comprehensive, although we do apply marketing strategies in a convincing and uncompromising manner. We conceive good marketing as one of the greatest levers of a business. The most important thing is to develop a competitive path in the business jungle and a vision that focuses on the factors that generate value in companies.

Fill out the form with your information or call the number above to arrange an appointment in your place of business. There is nothing to lose; we come to you. If you live outside the Distrito Federal, you pay for your transportation and necessary travel expenses. If our methods seem attractive to you, we can agree on the terms right there and move on to negotiate each parties' interests. Be patient; we are selective.